Улица на приказни – 2.0
October 3, 2017
“Подај рака – на тој што те сака”
January 23, 2019

Ви објавуваме повик за младинската размена “Sharing is Caring” за учесници на возраст од 18 до 30 години, која ќе се одржи во периодот од 25ти до 04 јули 2018 во Омановац, место блиску до Загреб, Хрватска.


Во прилог повеќе детали за младинската размена:

Countries: 7 countries
Age of participants: 18-30
Place: Omanovac, small village one hour away from Zagreb, Croatia
Venue: We are staying in a house on the mountain
Days of activity: 10 days (including traveling days)
Time: 25th of June – 04th of July 2018

“Sharing is caring” project was born at one of Ocean Znanja meetings in 2015, in response to the problems that young volunteers highlighted as particularly important to them – a lack of solidarity and growing inequality in our society. They wanted to learn from other young people in Europe as well as share their knowledge and skills to help fight these negative trends. To date, the idea of the project has grown to the incentives of young people who worked on it.
The project goal is to foster solidarity among young people, and through them to spread these positive practices even to the wider community. We want to empower young people, we want to provide them with space for sharing ideas and developing the skills needed to combat social inequality and exclusion, to practice active citizenship and social responsibility, as well as to develop entrepreneurial spirit, which are some of the specific goals of the project.
We will do it through informal ways and methods of learning, focusing on practices of collaborative consumption and crowdfunding campaigns as models that go beyond classical market perceptions and its rules, and where the emphasis is on community engagement, social responsibility and solidarity with the development of entrepreneurial independence. The participants will practice self-initiative, but also team spirit and co operation, in addition common European values such as freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights as well as intercultural dialogue will be promoted. All in order to strengthen social cohesion and reduce social exclusion.